TO HELP OUR clients REALIZE THEIR VISION and achieve sustainable success BY CREATING UNIQUE, PRAGMATIC and enduring solutions.




Rouge Group is a leading management consulting firm that advises clients on strategy, innovation, product management, and execution of cloud-based services and Internet of Things (IoT) solutions. We develop customized and practical insights for our clients - Cloud Service Providers, Enterprises, and Start-ups. We work with the leadership to make better decisions, create pragmatic solutions, and deliver sustainable success.

Founded in 2012, Rouge Group brings deep and practical industry experience, knowledge, and expert perspective from a wide range of industries - enterprises and cloud service providers and technologies - Cloud services, Software Defined Infrastructure (SDI), Software, Hardware, and Networking. 




For over 20 years, we have envisioned products, cultivated partnerships and developed strategies for emerging technologies and markets - led the development of products and services to realize new markets opportunities. We have had the great fortune to be at the forefront of nearly every major technology and market disruption in this many years. This has helped us develop unique perspectives and insights.


We are passionate about taking on challenges that are important to our clients. We align our success with our client's and then building on our client's capabilities to realize their vision and achieve better results that are unique, pragmatic, holistic, and enduring solutions.


Now we are ready to help you realize your visions.



  • Built Cisco's Unified Communication's media services product portfolio.
  • Launched version one of many products for startups and large companies.
  • Launched emerging technology products to realize new markets.
  • Develop competitive strategies using four-corners and SWAT analysis.
  • Build Ecosystem, Technology Alliances and channel partners programs.
  • Developed and launched Microsoft's first SaaS initiative for ISVs.
  • Defined and built the vision of public and private cloud PaaS for NTT Innovations.
  • Create Value Proposition, Messaging and Positioning of SaaS, Cloud, SDN and enterprise software.
  • Define product pricing and licensing structure for new markets and market disruptions.