Industry Expertise

We have worked with clients across a wide range of technology sectors including cloud, software development, storage, and hardware.

Rouge Group's cross-sector expertise and insights help high-tech companies compete, innovate to disrupt or create new markets, and thrive. We work with technology companies around the world - from start-ups to multi-national and service providers - to improve their strategy and create value through managed innovation and execution excellence. We are passionate about solving problems that are important for our clients and their enterprises.



  • Cloud
  • Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Unified Communication

CLOUD and Infrastructure

Over 10 years of building Software as a Service (SaaS) offering and products. Defining value proposition, competitive analysis, market opportunity, customer lifetime value, messaging and positioning and inbound and outbound marketing.

What is your strategy for taking advantage of cloud-based services. We can help with public, private or hybrid cloud. A well designed product should be able to take advantage of all clouds based on the customer and market needs.


Internet of Things (IoT)

More and more devices will be Internet-connected driving the revolution of online data to an entirely new level. More than 60 billion connected devices estimated to generate five (5) trillion gigabytes of data every year, creating revenue opportunities of more than $300 billion for technology vendors, telecommunication providers and devices makers. Having a clear roadmap can help executives decide where to invest and what is required to win.  


We helped defined the versions 1.0 of Unified Communication. Do you think its time to disrupt this $37 Billion market. We do! Lets talk.