Why is DevOps important?

Faster to market, enhanced customer service and reduced cost are the primary imperatives driving businesses today. Enterprises as well as service providers are turning to cloud-based application to meet these goals. To drive increased agility, lower cost, and higher service levels organizations are implementing new methodologies for application development. Agile software development and DevOps are two of the most talked about methodologies. They potentially have the ability to deliver the promised land, but before you embark on either of these journeys, it is necessary to understand that it is not sufficient to try to implement an agile process or create a DevOps team. A cultural shift across the organization is required. To fully realize the benefits of Agile development or DevOps you must simultaneously work on several fronts, including; culture, expectations, methodologies and tools.

In this first of many DevOps perspectives I want to discuss some of the cultural issues. They are the hardest to change and take the longest. So let's start from there.

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